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Legacy Fighting Alliance 41 – Jeff “The Administrator” Peterson

By Lance Edwards


Jeff Peterson (9-4) has already strung together three wins with LFA. At LFA 41, he faces another tough opponent in Thiago Moisés (9-2). Moisés is coming off a five-round title fight where he went to decision with Robert Watley, but fell short of clinching the title. That in itself demonstrates that Moisés may well be Peterson’s toughest opponent to date. A win for Peterson would most certainly place him in contention for the lightweight title.

Peterson’s last fight was against Bellator veteran Mike ‘The Marine’ Richman (18-8). Peterson clinched the unanimous decision in the co-main event and added another win to his record.

“It was pretty crazy, one of the first fights where a lot of my game plan really materialized. Stuff that I’d worked on with my coaches, my footwork, calls from the corner all came together. I’d have liked to have got the finish though. I was a little put off by the booing and a couple of guys heckling me. There was a guy who came up to the cage at the end shouting at me. That’s what you get when you aren’t the hometown fighter. I was a fan of his and had watched him before, so it was a huge fight for me. I was the underdog and shut down his game.”

Both Peterson and Richman served with the Marine Corps, but it wasn’t the first time Peterson had fought a fellow marine. In his first fight, he faced another former marine, Brian Van Hoven. With four losses on his record, it is easy to underestimate Peterson. The Administrator started out his professional career going 1-3 in his first four fights, and is riding a six-fight win streak. It was while serving in the Marine Corps that Peterson started MMA and that was also where he got his fight name.

“While serving, I worked at an infantry unit. I was surrounded by a bunch of hard chargers who are trained killers. They saw me walking around the base and assumed I was an infantry guy as well. One day someone asked me if I was admin, and I told them I was admin chief. They started coming to my fights and watching them. It was while I was in Norfolk, VA and fighting amateur fights. I’d have a bunch of them come. It was great. They were loud and you could hear them screaming.”

Peterson moved back to Wisconsin after finishing his service, but attributes his move to California to train at Alliance as what really helped him grow as a fighter.

“I train at Alliance and coach at the sister school, Alliance East. I gym hop a bit. San Diego is a pool of gyms. I train at a few places. With Jiu Jitsu, this fight I’ve trained with a couple of other guys. It’s awesome to live here, you can train with all sorts of different people with different styles. I’ve still only travelled to a few gyms compared to the number that are here.”

Very familiar with Moisés, his next opponent, Peterson feels it is a good matchup.

“I had been telling the matchmakers I was ready to fight at that date. When they said the name, I knew who it was right away. I watched a couple of his videos and it’s a perfect fight stylistically. He has good jiu jitsu, clean standup, it’s a perfect fight. I don’t think his wrestling is good enough to put me on the ground though. I also don’t think his standup is as diverse, I’m comfortable in both stances, with a wide variety of punches and more skills.”


Peterson feels that this fight will be the next step in his development.

“I feel like I am coming into my own. I’ve fought a lot of fighters with different looks. With LFA, I have had three fights, which is one of the best feeder shows. I have developed a whole lot of confidence and have a good base for a big show.

“After this fight I’d like a shot at the title. They haven’t announced it yet but Robert Watley signed with PFL. A couple of weeks after the fight, I’m going to the Contender Series with Matt Sells. Maybe I’ll see Dana and can get on that, or something else may come up. I just want to stay active so hope to get a call with a date. I don’t like to look too far ahead. I’m prepared for war and am ready to break my shin on his face.

“I’d like to thank my sponsors South Shore Brewery in Ashland, WI, my manager at Sterling Entertainment Group, Walker Scott Chiropractic, Pacific Truss, DM Hultenious Corporation, DNA Creative Company, and SD Kangen Water. Thanks to my girlfriend and everything she does.

“Tell everyone to tune in if you want to see a war.”