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Legacy Fighting Alliance 40 – Jeremy “Spooner” Spoon

By Lance Edwards


Jeremy Spoon (21-3) is ranked as Oklahoma’s top featherweight fighter.  Over the past decade, Spoon has racked up only three losses, two of which were by decision including a decision loss to Bellator’s former featherweight champion, Daniel Strauss (25-8) back in 2012. Spoon is riding a five-fight winning streak but his opponent at LFA 40, Damon Jackson (14-2-1) is no slouch.

Spoon himself has some rough edges, but by getting involved in MMA he straightened his life out.

“I went to college for wrestling and ended up dropping out. I got in a little trouble, and then got into MMA which really helped out. You hear a lot of fighters say they liked to fight, but I don’t think it’s always true. I have an identical twin brother and we would always fight each other. At school, we were shy and kept to ourselves. Because of that, people would try and mess with us. As a junior, I got fed up with it. As a result, people backed off.  After college, I started to get into a lot of fights. For a long time, me and my brother Jared didn’t have a good reputation in our town. After getting involved in MMA, that changed and we improved our name.”

Spoon grew up in Chickasha, Oklahoma, a place he still calls home. With a population of around 16,000, Spoon describes it as “not a small place, but not big either”. Spoon’s brother also fights, and after some time off due to a shoulder surgery, returns to the cage himself in June. The brothers have actually fought on the same card in the past.

“We train at our gym and cross train at Forge and AMA. We also teach at our gym, which is called Apex, running no-gi and MMA classes.”

With a background in wrestling, it’s no surprise that Spoon has a solid number of submissions on his record.

“My strength is definitely the ground. I’m a state championship wrestler. I could have been an All-American, but I screwed that up. I also have a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu.”

Spoon’s last fight, against Clay Wimer, saw his opponent retire after the end of the first round due to coughing up blood.

“It was a private event, and if I knew what it would be like, I would have asked for more money. They allowed smoking, it was freaking ridiculous. The air was thick with smoke and we were coughing. I’d want more money to do that again.”

This fight will be in a less difficult fight environment for Spoon, but he faces a tough opponent in UFC veteran Damon Jackson.

“It’s going to be a good matchup, he’s reputable. He’s good on the ground as well. He’ll be pretty big coming in to this fight. Our wrestling may cancel each other out, and it may turn into a standup fight. A lot of people haven’t seen my standup. In MMA with small gloves, even one mistake and it can be over. It happened to me before. I’ve made sure my standup is technical. They don’t call him The Leech for nothing. He’s good on the ground, and I need to make sure I don’t put myself in bad positions.”

As Spoon recognizes, Jackson is known for his wrestling and ground game, and this fight will prove to be an interesting matchup.

“Hopefully, I’ll go out there and do my thing. After this, I’d like to get a call. If they offer me the title shot at ’45 I’ll take it, but I’d like to ask for a shot at the ’35 title if not. I’d asked for a couple of fights at ’35 but got offered the Damon fight. I’d like to move to ’35. I’m already walking around at weight for this fight. I have a great strength and conditioning coach now. I’d like to thank my coaches at AMA, Forge, and Apex, also my training partners and sponsors. Special thanks to Scott Ladis, Matt Grice, Kendrick Coleman and Kevin Malahy.”