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Legacy Fighting Alliance 37 – Sid Bice

By Lance Edwards

Sid Bice (8-1) is by now well known to fans of LFA. Having previously fought twice for the promotion, and once for RFA, he feels comfortable with the promotion. At LFA 37, he fights for the vacant flyweight title when he faces the Cuban Maikel Perez (5-1). Although Bice trains in Colorado, the South Dakota native will feel comfortable fighting in his home state.

Bice grew up in a small town, Winner, South Dakota. As a youth, he trained in wrestling before transitioning to MMA when he grew too old to compete. Knowing that he needed to find a bigger gym, he relocated to Colorado, where he has been training at Factory X for the past five or six years.

Bice’s last fight was against Kenny Porter (11-4), a fight that went the distance with Bice scoring the unanimous decision.

“I was happy with my performance. I put on an exciting fight and didn’t take too much damage. I controlled the fight on the feet and on the ground. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the finish. He had a striking background, and I prefer fighting guys with good technique. I knew my wrestling and striking were superior.”

Bice is already familiar with his opponent, Perez, and is confident in his ability to defeat him.

“My teammate fought him. He also fought on the same card. He has an Olympic wrestling background and is from Cuba. Wrestling is a great background for MMA. You learn to push the pace and work hard, outwork opponents and beat them. That’s his big strength.”

Although not an Olympic background, Bice himself started in wrestling. MMA wrestling takes some transition, and some wrestlers don’t make the transition well.
“I feel that I transitioned well from wrestling and built good striking, I learnt from great striking coaches like Mark Montoya. I learnt a lot from Joe Warren translating wrestling to MMA wrestling. I feel like I’m practiced in it and confident.”

Bice however doesn’t want to make a prediction as how he will finish the fight or when.

“You never know. It’s a five-round fight. I train to fight that long, but don’t see it going the length. I’m sure I’ll end it with a KO. He has only been doing MMA a couple of years. Although I haven’t fought frequently, I’ve been doing MMA day in day out.”

The winner of the fight will be the new LFA flyweight champion of the world.

“It’s another fight, being for the title is a little more pressure. I feed on pressure. I’ve fought main and co-main events for my last four fights. I’m used to waiting until the end of an event. It’s hard at first, going through nerves and hearing the crowd. The experience has been helpful.”

As with most LFA fighters, Bice has his eye on the big show.

“I’ve been knocking at the UFC’s door for a while. I’ll keep defending the title for LFA as long as I have to. I’d also like the world title in the UFC. I’ve only had nine professional fights so far, but have gained a lot of experience in that time. Being a martial artist you are always a student of the game. There’s no off season.  I’m training and teaching every day and that’s the way to become a great fighter.”

One addition to Bice’s training camp has been the addition of a new Jiu Jitsu coach.

“I’ve been training with Mario ‘Busy’ Correa from Brazil. He’s a black belt and been a game changer for me. He’s helped me tremendously with my game and translating it to fighting. That’s a big help for me. I’d like to thank my teammates and coaches at Factory X, Landow Performance and all my sponsors.”