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Legacy Fighting Alliance 37 – Sabina Mazo

By Lance Edwards


Sabina Mazo Isaza, “The Columbian Queen” as she is known, impressed fans in her two previous LFA outings. At LFA 37, she fights veteran fighter Shannon Sinn (5-5) in what should prove to be a barnstormer of a fight. As her name suggests Sabina Mazo Isaza originates from Columbia where she started training and competing in combat sports.


“I started as a hobby. I wanted to train Muay Thai. Although it started as a hobby I started to get involved in it as a sport.  I competed in Muay Thai and boxing. My Muay Thai record was 3-1 and my boxing 7-0 or 6-0, I can’t remember. I also competed in Jiu Jitsu, I like to do it all. I love competition, I like the feeling and I like fighting. I decided to try MMA as a sport three years ago and loved it. It’s a non-stop journey, you are always learning. I had two or three amateur fights before turning pro, and fought the top fighter in Columbia in my first fight.”


Two years ago, “The Columbian Queen” made the move to California.


“I came specifically for Kings MMA, so I located here. I love my training partners and the way they train. I feel like I’m at home when I’m here.”


Kings MMA is one of the top gyms at the moment. headed by Brazilian Muay Thai coach extraordinaire Rafael Cordeiro. Sabina Mazo Isaza’s first fight for LFA was in April of 2017 at LFA 9 when she faced Jamie Thorton (6-4). Thorton was finished in the first round via kick.


“It was a great first fight in LFA. I felt great. Every fight for me is important. I give a lot of attention to my fights. It was a good training camp and a good weight cut.”


Sabina Mazo Isaza went on to defeat Linsey Williams (2-2) also by kick at LFA 23. With two kick stoppages it might be easy to assume on paper that “The Columbian Queen” is a one trick pony. That isn’t the case.


“I’m an aggressive fighter, but I have more than one technique. I like to see my opponent’s openings. It doesn’t matter if it is a kick, punch or knee. One punch can finish a fight.”


Shannon Sinn, Sabina’s opponent, has been competing in MMA for some seven years or so. For Sabina that is not intimidating, rather it adds to the excitement of the fight.


“I think it’s a great fight. She’s really aggressive, I’m aggressive, and that’s good for the audience. I never underestimate a fighter. I’m ready. It will be a good fight that everyone will want to see. I can finish a fight wherever it goes, with Jiu Jitsu or striking. I’m going to give one hundred percent in the fight, I’m ready.”


Whether preparing for a fight, or training to improve, Sabina keeps a grueling schedule.


“I’m pretty busy. I do strength and conditioning at six or six-thirty in the morning. Sometimes I go to school where I am studying nutrition. My day is training and my evening is training. I might sleep a little bit in the day. I train everyday but sometimes will take Sunday off depending on how my body is doing.”


After this fight, there is no let up for “The Columbian Queen”, as she competes in the IFMA World Muay Thai Championship representing Columbia. With such a rigorous schedule of work and study, it is hard to believe that Sabina finds time for anything else.


“I like to spend time relaxing. I like to go to the beach, and be in nature. I like to travel. I try and save time and money to do that, around the world or here in California. I haven’t been to a lot of countries but I’m getting there. I’ve been to some countries in Central and South America and Asia.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their time and support.”