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Legacy Fighting Alliance 37 – Dakota Bush

By Lance Edwards

Dakota Bush (4-0) is a Missouri native, having grown up in a small town called St. Clair. At LFA 19, he finished the more experienced Jose Martinez (7-2) in the second round. Bush returns at LFA 37 when he faces Bryce Logan (8-2) and looks to establish his name in the LFA lightweight division.

At just twenty-three years old, Bush established a (9-1) amateur record before turning pro and made his name as someone to watch on the local scene.

“Growing up my father fought MMA as an amateur. I got into wrestling in the eighth grade. I dabbled a bit when I was twelve but didn’t start hitting it hard with MMA until I was seventeen. When I got out of high school, I started competing in MMA at eighteen. “

With a solid amateur career under his belt, it came a time when Bush made the transition to fighting professionally naturally.

“I got to the point there wasn’t anyone around at my skill level to fight as an amateur, so I made the jump to the pro ranks.”

Bush was happy with his win over Martinez;

“My original opponent got hurt the week before. They scrambled to get me a new opponent and managed to get me one. I didn’t know much about him going in, so played it safe. I went the safe route and finished it on the ground. My standup has really improved , and in this fight I hope to show that.”

Bryce Logan, Bush’s next opponent, is no slouch.

“He’s very athletic and explosive. He has one punch power. The cage experience means a lot. When you have fought more fights, it makes a difference. I had plenty of amateur fights, so I’m comfortable. He’s fought some good guys, so have I. He trains with elite guys, so do I. I think I’ve got his number. I know his tendencies and weaknesses. I hope he doesn’t figure out mine before I capitalize on them. It’s going to be a good fight.”

Bush trains at The Pit, in Cuba, Missouri. It is the gym he started at and has trained at to date through his career.

“It’s a small gym, with a couple of pros. We have four or five good guys. Sometimes, I go to St. Charles MMA to train as they also have some good guys. It gives me a good look at some other bodies.”

Bush feels that his greatest attributes are mental, and that that is partly why he has had the success he has.

“My strengths are my pressure, tenacity and will to win. I’m definitely a mental fighter. This fight will show that. It will be mental toughness and the best cardio that wins this fight for sure. I also have good wrestling. Collegiate wrestling is slightly different to MMA. You can have good collegiate wrestling and not wrestle well in MMA. I’m pretty good there. I have a boxing style of punching, and more of a Muay Thai style of kicking.”

As well as training, Bush maintains a full time job, as with most professional fighters who don’t have the luxury at this level of training full time.

“I train Monday to Friday after work from six to eight-thirty. I get up on Saturday and Sunday and do strength and conditioning. I try to get training in later in the day as well. I try to train year round. I also like to go fishing and hunting. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Fighting takes up a lot of time, but I try to make time for other things.”

After this Bush hopes to maintain his winning ways;

“I’d like a month or two off and then I’ll be ready to fight again. I’d like a title fight, but if I have to fight a few guys to get there I’m happy to do that.”

While a win over Logan may not guarantee a title shot, it will most definitely be maneuvering Bush closer to the opportunity.

“I’d like to thank all the people who have supported me and have helped me get where I am now. Be sure to watch on April 20th, but don’t blink. It could be a fast fight. It all depends if he will be moving forwards or backpedaling away. If it goes the right way, I could end it quick. If not, I’m ready to keep the pressure on.”