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Legacy Fighting Alliance 29 – Brandon Jenkins

By Lance Edwards


Brandon Jenkins (10-5) is one of the top ranked lightweights in Minnesota. A six-foot-tall 155lber, Jenkins has taken the rough with the smooth during his career. With two previous LFA bouts under his belt, at LFA 29 Jenkins faces Carl Wittstock (9-2). This fight has all the makings of an excellent bout, and one that Jenkins is determined to walk away the victor from.


Unlike some fighters, Jenkins had no intention as a child to go into combat sports;

“I was bullied a lot as a kid. I had buckteeth, glasses and I was skinny. I was always getting into fights at school so my dad bought me an MMA gym membership when I was seventeen. He wanted me to learn how to defend myself and learn some discipline. Sixty fights later, and here I am. I never thought I’d be a professional fighter!”

Despite not having a background in combat sports, Jenkins was active as a youth;

“I played football and ran track in high school. I was a pretty athletic kid but never really excelled at anything.”

Jenkins first fight at LFA 2 was against the shorter Billy Christianson.

“I was a big fan of Billy’s when I moved here from Florida. He always came to fight and to finish people. That’s the type of fighter I am. He was an established fan favorite here in Minnesota and I was the new guy. When I started making some noise and coming up through the rankings he started chirping and making it known that he wasn’t impressed with me and I wasn’t on his level. We were scheduled to fight a couple of times and it kept falling through but we finally met at LFA 2 earlier this year. The fight was a barnburner! We hurt each other multiple times before I connected with a knee in the second round and put him away. I’m sure we will meet again one day. He said he didn’t take me seriously, and that’s why I won. I just think I was better.”

At LFA 20, Jenkins faced Jeff Peterson (8-4), in a bout that didn’t go his way;
“My last fight with Jeff Peterson was controversial. I don’t see how you can out strike an opponent two to one and they declare him the winner. Not only that, but the second round should been a 10- 8 because of the knockdown. I wish him the best in his future endeavors, he’s a tough guy but I definitely want a rematch!”

Interestingly Jenkins next opponent, Wittstock, is the same height as him. Jenkins does have the reach advantage over his opponent, possessing a five-inch longer span;

“Carl Wittstock is an exciting fighter! He’s a guy I’ve always wanted to fight because he always brings it! I found out he’s not too fond of me to say the least!  He’s said some mean things and hurt my feelings!  He’s called me overrated, and a wannabe. I can’t compete with him when it comes to shit talking. He’s a black belt in Shit talking! Hopefully my skills in the ring can do my talking for me. There won’t be any judges needed in this fight.”

With some tension already evident, both fighters are looking to finish their opponent and put the LFA lightweight division on notice;

“I’m going to put him on his back, and beat a hole in his face.”

Jenkins is a fighter who likes to be active. This will be the fourth fight of the year for him, whilst last year he notched up five fights. If it hadn’t been for cancelled bouts, he may have fought more times;

“After this, I’m going to buy a car and look for a fight. I want to fight a pioneer or a UFC veteran with lots of fights.”


For fighters aspiring to get into the UFC or Bellator it helps to have fought fighters on that level. Jenkins trains consistently between fights, honing his skills and abilities;

“I train about twenty hours a week in the evenings Monday through Friday at American Top Team Savage. When I’m not training, I’m looking for places to explore here in Minnesota. I like to hike and climb. Florida was so flat! I’m always down for a spontaneous adventure!

“I’d like to thank Dethrone and A.C. Motors for sponsoring me! Also my coaches over at American Top Team Savage, all my friends and family who support me and this crazy life I live. My dream is to fight full time for a living and you guys are helping me reach that goal. I’m super grateful for you guys and motivated to put this guy away. See you December 15th!”